Download manager microsoft volume licensing programs

Microsofts volume licensing programme provides small and large. Download and burn an iso file on the volume licensing site. Once installed, download manager is automatically used to manage subsequent product downloads. This 79page document details each of the microsoft volume licensing programs in addition to covering the basics of product licensing and microsoft software assurance. Microsoft open programs microsoft volume licensing. How to download and install your microsoft donation from the.

Whenever i select software and the download manager option i get the following message, but no prompt to install any active x. To buy or renew microsoft volume licensing programs, contact your microsoft partner or local reseller. Microsoft products and services agreement mpsa customers should use the business center. These user guides show stepbystep instructions for how to register, view account details, download products and more from the microsoft volume licensing service center vlsc. I am trying to download software from the microsoft volume licensing site.

Enter your windows live id email address and password. Basics of microsoft licensing programs and licensing. It also makes downloading large files such as application. Microsoft s volume licensing programme provides small and large organisations with a way to acquire. From the microsoft volume liscene service center vlsc you can download software included included in your contract. The microsoft download manager enables you to download files simply and easily. Download manager is a program to pause and resume the download at. View your relationship summary and license summary details.

How to download software and product keys from microsoft. Unable to download software from microsofts download. They do not appear on my microsoft volume licensing service centre account. Volume licensing service center downloading and installing. You can use either microsofts recommended download manager or your web. Download microsoft volume licensing reference guide from. If i use my web browser instead of download manager, how do i start downloads. Microsoft download help articles and howtos techsoup. Download and burn an iso file on the volume licensing site vlsc. Microsoft volume licensing microsoft software assurance. If your download rights are associated with the open license program, you. Access all your licensing information in one location. How to download software and product keys from microsoft volume.

What to do i do after downloading iso files from microsoft. They also include screenshots, technical support information, and a glossary. Software is intellectual property and licenses provide the right to. We recommend using the download manager instead of downloading from. The use of download manager is an option when downloading a software product from the vlsc. Before you can download and install the software you requested, youll need to register. How do i create my microsoft volume license service centre vlsc account. Log onto your microsoft vlsc account servicecenterdefault. What can i do if i am experiencing difficulties activating my microsoft licenses or gaining access to the vlsc.

The volume licensing service centre vlsc is the website through which organisations obtain the keys they need to activate volume licensing products, download or order installation software, and manage benefits such as software assurance. Your software assurance benefits are determined by your volume licensing agreement, such as the enterprise agreement, microsoft products and services agreement mpsa, or open value agreement, and the qualifying license purchases you have with software assurance. This is the official microsoft licensing home page with information about product licensing and licensing programs for new and existing customers. Download manager is a program to pause and resume the download at anytime by clicking the pause button. Download microsoft volume licensing service center vlsc. The vlsc is an online tool for managing microsoft volume licensing. The microsoft volume licensing reference guide provides comprehensive guidance to help you select the best options for the size, type, and business needs of your organization. Microsoft recommends using the download manager to download large files.

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