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Manufacturer specifications s3700n ultra large vp, hitachi. Live color cathodoluminescence imaging of geological. Unique vpmode that allows microscopy of wet, oily and nonconductive samples in their natural state without the need of conventional sample preparation. We have sem hitachi s 3400n in our lab but we could not get clear images for tio2 nanotubes. Hitachi delivers digital solutions utilizing lumada in five sectors including mobility, smart life, industry, energy and it, to increase our customer s social, environmental and economic value.

Using the hitachi ion milling system im4000 su3500 1. Hitachi 55 class 4k uhd hdr tv with roku tv sams club. This instruction manual describes the operation, maintenance, and specific precautions pertinent to daily operation on the model s 4800 scanning electron microscope. Hitachi s3500n variable pressure sem university imaging. We want to know if it is possible to use sem hitachi s 3400n for imaging tio2 nanotubes with. The mk3 coolstage is permanently connected to the hitachi sem, and will be at ambient temperature, as indicated on the control panel the peltier cold head is fragile and must be handled with care for optimal performance. Manufacturer specifications s 3700n ultra large vp, hitachi please note. Captured sem images at low magnification as well as imported externally. Opening the chamber to load specimens this may also be done later using the software 1. The s3400n will be a new world standard in the middle class variable. Insert stub onto specimen holder and tighten set screw. Hitachi s 4700 detects the electrons that come from the sample. New scanning electron microscope model s3700n is released.

The company has always aspired to fulfill this mission by delivering products and services that answer society s challenges. The s3400n offers advances in automation including full filament saturation and no touch objective aperture alignment. In quartzpci, click file can save or export image e. A new analytical chamber provides high take off angle ports for eds and ebsd. The new hitachi s3400n variable pressure sem has been developed by improving the design of. The s 3400n has new electron optics, turbomolecular pumping, a new detector, enhanced sample handling and analysis and improved signal processing and display to ensure high quality images can be obtained from even the most difficult specimens quickly. User s manual thank you very much for purchasing the hitachi lcd monitor. Always wear gloves when handling anything that goes in the chamberstubs, specimens, sample holders etc. You can view live sports, news, music and children s programming. A thinner and higher sensitivity design of this bse detector allows the image observation at 5mm of working distance and with fast scan speed. New and used hitachi scanning electron microscope auctions and classified ads at labx. Live color cathodoluminescence imaging of geological specimens in the sem using the hitachi s3400n sem cathodoluminescence cl occurs when an electron beam strikes a material and causes it to luminesce.

Wait a few minutes until you hear the machine beep 3. Further fine adjustment controls are on the manual dial panel. Go to the condition tab and ensure the vacuum is set to sem mode. Hitachi brand channel view the hitachi group s official channel on youtube. More datadriven solutions and innovation from the partner you can trust. Log in with your log in name and password when s3400n dialog window opens. General operating instructions for hitachi s4800 high. Topographic image can be obtained without rotating the sample, and 3d images can be shown by a single click of the mouse.

Hitachi s intelligent eco mode with imagecare combines optimal picture performance with maximum energy savings for a lower total cost of ownership. Hitachi data systems, pentaho and hitachi insight group have merged into one company. Hitachi 3400n sem hitachi 3400n features the hitachi 3400n is a workhorse low vacuum capable tungsten sem. Page 1 hitachi printer model rx2 thank you for purchasing the hitachi ij printer model rx2. Hitachi vpsem s3400n national metallurgical laboratory. This is a quick walkthrough of how to align and use the hitachi s 3400 sem. Hitachi sustainability report 2019 pdf the hitachi sustainability report 2019, which presents nonfinancial information with an emphasis on comprehensiveness and searchability, is available for download a4 format, 166 pages. Hitachi original pwm control method limits motor terminal voltage to less than twice inverter dc bus voltage.

This instruction manual describes the basic operating procedures, maintenance procedures, and other detailed handling procedures of the hitachi ij printer model rx2. It is especially suitable for imaging biological and geological specimens. Clicking save will actually create 3 files of which one is pci format. Export, which creates 1 file, is more efficient choice. Remanufactured to oem spec, we can install it, warrant it, and even train your users. Leverage global customer base of abb s power grids business across hitachi s all business areas beyond the energy solutions business build an energy platform by combining global no. A bse detector allows tv rate scanning and high resolution imaging. Standard operating procedures for hitachi s 4800 high resolution sem. Hitachi s3400n scanning electron microscope hebei north. The hitachi 3400n vpsem is a scanning electron microscope with tungsten filament allowing accelerating voltages up to 30kv. By using turbomolecular pump tmp as standard, the new s3700n reduces electricity.

Open the scanning electron microscope with a key switch, twist from the off position to the start file, the key to on automatically playing files. Image files should not be renamed or deleted by using. The new hitachi s3400n variable pressure sem has been developed by improving the design of the. Service dealer locator search for your nearest recommended authorised service centre. To load a specimen into the s3400, firstly mount the sample onto an appropriately sized pin stub. Deletion of files in the windows directory or change of the registry will cause troubles. Hitachi s 3400n variable pressure scanning electron microscope with. The scanning electron microscope is an ideal tool in which to demonstrate this effect on small areas of samples. Hitachi model s3400n variablepressure sem specifications. Back to equipment list hitachi s 3400 variable pressure sem description the hitachi scanning electron microscope is a variable pressure sem that can image non conductive samples at higher chamber pressures.

Hitachi s3400n central microscopy research facility. Scanning electron microscopy sem may be utilized for various assessments and analyses including tissue or material characterization after device treatment or implantation in vivo, device integrity and failure analysis, cellular morphology, and elemental analysis. The mk3 coolstage is permanently connected to the hitachi sem, and will be at ambient temperature, as indicated on the control panel the peltier cold head is fragile and must be. Like s3400n, the new s3700n features hitachis high imaging performance, e. The hitachi s3400n sem is a high performance, userfriendly scanning electron microscope with new improvements that allow the best results for a wide range of applications.

Sustainability hitachi s approach to addressing the social and environmental issues. For added peace of mind, hitachi s cpew302n is also backed by. Hitachi s3400nii materials research facilities network. Cbset offers a stateoftheart hitachi s 3400n ii fully automated, variable. Hitachi s 100year heritage is rooted in founder namihei odaira s determination to contribute to society through the development of superior, original technology and products. S3400n scanning electron microscope hitachi science. Sem user files\ groups here \ your own named folder. Before using your monitor, please carefully read the safety instructions and this user s manual so you will know how to operate the monitor properly. Hitachi s3400n ii this variable pressure sem with a tungsten filament is capable of imaging and analysis of pristine materials.

Costeffective lcd projector captures attention in classrooms or. Hitachi s3400 sem instructional video northwestern. The s3400n sem utilizes an electron beam accelerated at 300v to. This annual report targets specialists and those highly interested in csr.

Pentax medical eg3270uk slim linear eus gastroscope the pentax medical eg3270uk combines the feasibility of fine needle aspiration fna with excellent ultrasound image quality in a very comfortable endoscope. Hitachi s3400n microscope our hitachi sem 3400n is equipped with a turbomolecular pump for quick pump down times and reliable high vacuum performance. The hitachi s3500n variable pressure scanning electron microscope sem. Hitachi s3400n fully automated vp scanning electron. None of the equipment posted for sale on is owned by medwow, should you have any questions regarding a specific item, please direct them to the appropriate seller by making use of the available communication channels on the items page.

This unique combination sets a new standard in endoscopic ultrasound for everyday practice. Shop for hitachi sem in the largest marketplace dedicated to scientist. This rokuenabled uhd tv gives you easy access to over half a million paid or free tv shows and movies. Pentax medical eg3270uk slim linear eus gastroscope. This scope is beautiful and clean and was well maintained. Like s3400n, the new s3700n features hitachi s high imaging performance, e. This printer employs a noncontact, inkjet method to print onto a print target. Storage of images must be done with attention paid to first time, to locate the proper folders on. View online or download hitachi 3100 network administration manual, hardware reference manual. First, read and get familiar with the safety precautions described in the opening pages and.

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